Legislative Issues

Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton plays an important role as the House Majority Whip, moving key legislation forward and making sure that members are aligned for important votes.  She works closely with the House leadership to advance the Democratic agenda for her District, the community and the state.  During the session, she rallies the caucus, addresses the Chamber and welcomes many guests and visitors to our Capitol.  She is often asked to speak at important occasions honoring special individuals and groups.


Little Flower Day Care Center in House District 19 recognizes Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton for her outstanding work in support of early and preschool education


Representative Stapleton stands with the education community who know that the current administration so-called 'reforms' are not in the best interests of schools, teachers, and students.  

Representative Stapleton welcomes high school students from the Albuquerque Public Schools who are being honored during APS Day at the State Legislature.  This was a special occasion for high school students and teachers to visit the Capitol and attend Committee meetings and floor sessions to see the legislative process in action.  Many of these students are participating in 'Skills USA,' a successful career technical education program that lays a foundation for the skills our students need for successful future employment.

  APS Day

Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton stands with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America to support education at a recent rally during the 2012 legislative session.


Recently, Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton had the pleasure of meeting with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee to talk about the national agenda and how New Mexico is a key state in the upcoming elections. As the former Vice Chair and Chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party and the former Vice President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, Representative Stapleton has exceptional experience working with local, state and national stakeholders in helping shape important political approaches and tactics.

  Sheryl_Deb WS

Representative Stapleton is proud to honor the members of our armed services and the young people who participate in programs, such as ROTC, that develop the abilities in our students to become great leaders.  She understands what service to our community and state mean, and she is equally committed to educational experiences that strengthen the strong principles and integrity of our armed services.

During the past legislative session, New Mexico legislators welcomed preschool children and their teachers to celebrate the commitment of key legislators and senators working together to improve education for our children.   

On this special occasion, Representative Rick Miera, Chair of the House Education Committee, and Senator Linda Lopez, Chair of Senate Rules, spoke on behalf of their bill to provide intensive intervention and remediation for young children needing help in reading.  Their legislation preserves the parent's voice in all decisions that schools make that affect their child.

During each sixty day session, the Legislature holds African American Day to celebrate the culture, heritage and contributions of African Americans to our state.  In 2011, the Reverend Al Sharpton was the keynote presenter and Representative Stapleton, along with Senator Floor Leader Michael Sanchez and House Floor Leader Ken Martinez, welcome legislators, guests and visitors to a packed House Chambers for this event.