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Welcome to My Home Page

2015 Legislative Session: Message to Constituents - The 2015 Legislative session is underway and I want to thank all my constituents for their support. I am always honored to represent you.

Now is a time for Democrats to come together.  I am committed to the principles of our party and understand how important each of you are as we share a common vision for the future of our district.  During the campaign, I listened carefully and am ready to tackle your issues and concerns.  Working together, I know we can be victorious!

Let me thank you again for your support and the opportunity to take your message to the Round House.  I appreciate your involvement in our democracy and I am sincerely honored and humbled to represent you."

Letter of Support from New Mexicans for Gun Safety

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I want to share some information about my background as a life-long educator, as a member of the Legislature serving my constituents in District 19 for the past sixteen years, and to provide some perspectives on current articles and media events that have raised attention.

It has been a privilege to serve the citizens of New Mexico and I want to give you an overview of many pieces of legislation that I have introduced, and passed, that address some of the most important issues we face as a district and a state.